What a Mustard Seed of Faith will do!

Our Story

Owner Marquita Simone Gray

My father was  and will always be my super hero "Superman". He taught me God comes first then passion. We all have a "Why" this is mine. One Grave Name at a time!

A Mustard Seed Company was started in the state of Texas July 21st, 2021 but our recipes have been past down from our ancestors to build legacy and continue God's work. Our mission is to put Names on Graves so that when we all walk into a grave yard love ones can be found by the living and souls can be found by our God. This vision started with a Pickle. A special pickle recipe developed by Michael Henry Sr Gray (1959 - 2020). Big Mike shared this delight with his love ones during holidays and special church events. This is his legacy, his wife, Mary Joyce Gray and daughter, Marquita Simone Gray are sharing with the world. 

Have a mustard seed of faith and watch what God will do!

Delivering Freshness Every Day

We deliver within Harris and surrounding counties. While our goal is to be on your local shelves around the world you can catch us at a local farmer market and more. 

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Our Mission

"I must be about my Father's Business"

Luke 2:49

A $1 of each jar sold goes towards assuring every grave in the United States is named by the soul that lays there. We help restore and clean grave sights for our ancestors. This is our mission, this is our purpose.

Want to add a name and grave sight to the Names on Graves list or Donate to the Names on Graves Foundation? Click Here

Supporting Local Products

Located in San Jacinto county A Mustard Seed Co. supports local honey, nut, fruits and vegetables farmers. We are a Black Woman Owned Business and we support Farmers of America. 

Want to recommend a farm to us? We Support Black Farmers.  

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