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Mary Rejoice Preserves - Strawberry Fig

Mary Rejoice Preserves - Strawberry Fig

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A Mustard Seed Company brings you Mary Rejoice Preserves. Country fair award winner Mary Joyce Harden Gray provides the freshest homemade preserves that could never be called a jelly. Chunks of fresh and ripe fruits picked and selected from local farms she provides seasonal specialities using her family recipe for preserving that are unparalleled in today's market. We welcome you to take advantage of her seasonal delights. Use for breakfast delights or wow your guest with your next charcuterie board. Refrigerating first is always going to provide you with the best taste of our homemade products!

  • Additional Product Information

    6 - 8 oz (236.5 ml) each / chacun
    For best quality taste and amazing shine refrigerate before use. This product has 1 year of shelf life.
    Nutritional Facts Coming Soon!


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