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Big Mike's Specialty Pickled Selection


Relax &
Take A Pickle!

They may say they have the world's best pickle, but we have a Grand Champion!

A cowboy's recipe made with only simple & fresh all-natural ingredients. A Mustard Seed Company specialty pickles are pickled twice for a sweet heat delight. When you bite into a Big Mike's you will experience a sweet crunchy crisp luxury snack. As the undernote of heat hits your palate, you will find the journey unparalleled with any pickle you have ever tasted.


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​A Mustard Seed Company brings you
Big Mike's Specialty Pickles an ancient
Kings Snack.

Big Mike's signature sweet heat recipe for pickles, peppers, & relish provides you with a unique sweet heat sensation, great for charcuterie boards, BBQs, burgers, & more. ​

When refrigerated, these amazing snacks intensify the crispness and the sweet heat making these specialty products an unmatched taste. If you are a pickle enthusiast, then Sweet Heat is the one for you.