Big Mike's Specialty Pickles

They may say they have the world's best pickle but we have a Grand Champion!

A cowboy's recipe made with only simple fresh all natural ingredients. A Mustard Seed Company specialty pickles are pickled twice for a sweet heat delight. When you bite into a Big Mike's you will experience a sweet crunchy crisp luxury snack as the under note of heat hits your plate you will find the journey unparalleled with any pickle you have ever taste.

The History of Big Mike's Delight

A Mustard Seed Company brings you Big Mike's specialty pickles an ancient Kings snack. Michael Henry Gray Sr. (1959 - 2020) signature pickles are unmatched and sparkle once refrigerated for amazing presentation with unparalleled taste. Providing you with a unique sweet heat sensation, great for Charcuterie Boards, BBQ's, Burgers and More. This pickling process is his legacy, his wife, Mary Gray, & daughter, Marquita "Simone" Gray, are sharing with the world, one mustard seed at a time.

2021 San Jacinto County Fair Grand Champion Winner

"We Love you Superman" - Simone